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Science and technology to promote human civilization and development of civilization, scientific and technological innovation into productive forces will be more beautified human civilization and healthy life, to promote the development of civilized society. American Greenland Innovation Group Co., Ltd. has been relentless in scientific and technological innovation and product development, as consumers provide excellent service as their responsibility, the current products across the new energy, food processing, bio-fermentation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical smelting,environmental engineering and other fields.

The USA Greenland Innovation Group Management Center set up in the world city of Las Vegas, for the global market and the Asia-Pacific region's industrial development trends in China, Shanghai, Shandong, Shandong and other places set up R & D center and processing plant. American Greenland Innovation Group has a professional R & D team, we focus on market segmentation and technical details, the main products are water treatment system, brewing beer (wine) complete sets of equipment, membrane filtration separation system, evaporation enrichment equipment, evaporation crystallization equipment. US Greenland Innovation Group's factory products through the ISO9000 certification, EC certification, FCC certification, formed from the product development, manufacturing, quality control of the sound management system. Our service model:

We adhere to the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development," the corporate philosophy and abide by the "customer first, the credibility of the first, quality first" principle and dedication to customer service around the world, welcome to visit cooperation.