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Tomato paste / Ketchup process line

1.product overview: 

The process equipment of concentrated tomato sauce is a new process method of making jam. It is equipped with advanced cold crushing and micro emulsification technology, and a complete production line of high technology equipment such as multi effect falling film evaporator and large bucket aseptic packing machine. It is suitable for tomatoes, apples, pears, oranges, citrus, strawberries, peaches and mangoes. The processing of more than 10 varieties of raw materials such as carrot, watermelon and apricot is more than three times, the maximum concentration is up to 32 Brix, the product is packed with iron and the specification is 70 ~ 3000ml. It can also be packed with large bucket lined aseptic bag according to the customer's demand, and the net weight of each barrel is 240 kg, the gross weight is 257 kg, and -18 centigrade is refrigerated. 


2. Technological process:  


3.Process Description: 

(1).Raw materials: raw materials for making sauce must be mature, complete, fresh and color red sauce special varieties.

2.挑 拣:将番茄中的杂质、次果、烂果挑拣除去,保证产品的卫生。

(2). PICK: remove the impurities, fruits and rotten fruits in tomatoes, and ensure the hygiene of the products.

(3). cleaning: clean the dust, mud, microorganism and other impurities on the surface of the raw material of the net, with the standard of drinking water to ensure the sanitary requirements of the process.


(4). broken pulping: the picked tomatoes are promoted through the hoist to the crusher's feed hopper and sent into the crusher chamber. Through the broken blade, the raw materials are broken into particles of moderate size (2), which is beneficial to the extraction of tomato skin pigment and the exudation of the pulp cell liquid, so as to ensure the juice yield of the juice extraction process.


(5). separation and pulping: the first broken tomato through the crusher through the screw pump enters the pulping chamber of the separation pulping machine to further crack down the pulp and separate the skin and the seeds.


(6). fine grind emulsification: make the slurry fine and fine to emulsify, become finer particles, make the mouth feel more delicate and smooth, and long time storage does not produce precipitation.

(7). heating and cooling: through the casing heat exchanger, the hot water is used as the heating medium, the juice is heated to 98-100 C, and then cooled to 45-50. By heating, the microorganisms and enzymes in the juice are passivated, and the protein and starch are fully aged, which is beneficial to the quality stability of the concentrated tomato sauce.

(8). blending: mix the slurry and accessories to improve the flavor and taste.


(9). centrifugal squeezing: according to the principle of the solid and liquid weight difference of the material, the solid and liquid two phases are separated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge chamber, and the slag is released and discharged by the long diameter spiral of the centrifuge to obtain the clarified juice. This is a kind of preparation specially adapted to the juice of the berries, which has large output, juice filtration and automation. The clarity of juice is far from comparable with that of tracked airbag juice extractor.


(10). vacuum concentration: vacuum low temperature evaporation is carried out by two effect forced circulation evaporator to remove the water in the liquid, so that the effective composition of the material reaches 3 times the concentration of the original juice, so as to facilitate the packaging, storage and transportation and preservation.


(11). mixing: mixing tomato paste in proportion to make the palate feel thicker and sweeten.

12.包 装:采用大袋货马口铁包装机将调配混合后的浆料在无菌环境条件下包装,便于储存、运输和保证质量。

(12). packing: using large bagged cargo tinplate packer to package the mixed mixture in sterile environment, which is convenient for storage, transportation and quality assurance.

13.灭 菌:根据不同的包装通过管式杀菌机和隧道式杀菌机对产品进行杀菌,使产品能长期保存。

(13). sterilization: according to different packaging, the product can be sterilized by tube sterilizer and tunnel sterilizer, so that the product can be preserved for a long time.

14.检 验:按标准规定的要求,在产品包装时和包装后随机抽样检测产品感官、可溶性固形物、总酸、透光率、色值、微生物指标,全部符合要求方可进入库。

(14). test: according to the requirements stipulated by the standard, the sensory, soluble solids, total acid, light transmittance, color value and microbiological indexes of the product are randomly sampled at the time of product packaging and after packaging, all of which meet the requirements.

15.成 品:各项指标全部符合要求方可作为成品进入仓库保存。

(15). finished products: all indexes meet the requirements, and can be stored as finished products in warehouses.

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