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SUS304 / SS316Llectrci heating mixing tank

1.Introduction for electric heating tank 


Stainless steel mixing tank is widely used in coatings, medicine, building materials, chemical industry, pigment, resin, food, scientific research and other industries. The equipment can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials according to the process requirements of users, and the heating and cooling devices are set up to meet different process and production needs. The heating forms include jacket heating, coil heating, far-infrared heating, steam heating and so on. The cooling forms include coil cooling, spray water cooling, condenser cooling and so on. According to the requirements of the user process, the agitator can be configured with paddle type, anchor type, frame type and spiral type. The device is reasonable in structure, advanced in technology and durable in operation. It has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient operation. It is an ideal production equipment with less investment, fast production and high yield.

2.introduction for mixer 


Applicable to the fields of food, dairy, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetic etc industry.
a. Chemical Industry: Fat, Dissolvent, Resin, Paint, Pigment, Oil Agent etc.
b. Food Industry: Yogurt, Ice Cream, Cheese, Soft Drink, Fruit Jelly, Ketchup, Oil, Syrup, Chocolate etc.
c. Daily Chemicals: Facial Foam, Hair Gel, Hair Dyes, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Shoe Polish etc.
d. Pharmacy: Nutrition Liquid, Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine, Biological Products etc.