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Industrial water treatment equipment system

1.    product overview:
Because of the social production and the people's life, it is closely related to water. Therefore, the field of water treatment involves a wide range of applications, which constitutes a huge industrial application. General water treatment (water treatment) technology is the source water or do not meet the requirements of water quality of water, the use of physical, chemical and biological methods to remove some of the production, life does not need the harmful substances to improve water quality, water to do this kind of devices are called filtration water treatment system equipment. According to different water quality and different water requirements, a water treatment process by different methods, including water treatment technology of general is to adopt the "process method of mechanical filtration + activated carbon filtration + micro filtration and reverse osmosis.

2.  process description:
The water in the raw water tank of the original pump pressurized colloidal and suspended particles after removal of multi medium filter, active carbon filter for adsorption of organic compounds in water, the microporous filter further filtering before leakage of impurities, then high-pressure pump inlet pressure to permeate the reverse osmosis membrane required pressure, using reverse osmosis membrane filtration accuracy through the choice, not by most metal salts, organic matter and bacteria through another pipeline to the concentrated water discharge pipe discharged outside the system, water molecules and a few small molecular weight organics by coating, the collection pipeline to obtain pure water pure water tank through the water, and finally by the automatic water supply water supply pumping water to each process.
Four, equipment features:
1) mechanical filter: mainly filter the particles and suspended particles in water, reduce the SDI and FI values, remove some microorganisms in water, and prevent the particles and suspended substances in water from blocking the membrane assembly. The use of coagulant to colloidal and suspended particles of the bridge, electrical neutralization, protective layer failure and so on, so that particles hold together and become larger in the multi media filter was removed.
2) activated carbon filter: the main filter of water residual chlorine, small molecules, organic compounds, in addition to low COD value, to prevent oxidation film components, forming organic pollution of the membrane. The adsorption characteristics of deep and low velocity can trap most microorganisms, greatly improve the operation performance of RO, and greatly reduce the treatment intensity of the latter heat source.
3) scale inhibitor metering pump: with scale inhibitor for dissolved water hardness, precipitation, hardness precipitation trend.
4) microporous filter: filter more than 5u of impurities in the water, the protection of reverse osmosis membrane.
5) reverse osmosis device: reverse osmosis treatment system consists of a single stage or two stage reverse osmosis membrane, after pretreatment of water in the system is high pressure pump pressure, in the multi segment membrane can complete removal of more than 99% salt, removal of suspended solids, total bacteria, virus, pigment, heat, heavy metals etc..