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Forced Circulation Evaporator

1.Application Scope
Single or multi effect Forced Circulation Evaporator for water or organic solution evaporation in the industry of Chemical,Light industry,etc.especially suit for normal/vacuum pressure evaporation crystallizer or easy fouling material continue or batch operation evaporation with single or multi effect.
2.System Component
Each effect evaporator,each effect separator,Condenser,Circulation pump,Transfer pump, Vacuum and drain system,steam manifold,operation platform,electric control cabinet, pipeline and valves etc.
3.Equipment Characteristic
1.Whole system design beautiful and reasonable,running stable,energy saving with high efficient,lower steam consumption.
2.Forced Circulation Evaporator also can make high viscosity material flow evaporation.
3.Special operation method designed for different product.
4.Low temperature evaporation,make full use of heat energy,suit for low temperature heat sensitive material evaporation.
5.Evaporation through forced circulation,material heating evenly in the pipeline with high efficient,avoid scaling phenomenon.
6.Material have separation after enter into the separator, strengthen the separation affect, whole system operation with a large elasticity.
7.Whole system construction tightly, limited space,easy to clean.
8.Continue feeding and discharging,available for liquid level and temperature automatic control.
9.The shortages is pump flow rate is bigger, power consumption is relatively high.