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Vacuum Pressure Reducing Concentrator

Vacuum Pressure Reducing Concentrator suit for herbal extracted,fruit jam evaporation in the industry of chemical,food and pharmacy.
Vacuum Pressure Reducing Concentrator included concentrator,condenser,vapor-liquid separator,cooler,liquid receiving tank.concentrator is designed with jacket construction,condenser is designed with tubular type, cooler with construction of coil type.Vacuum Pressure Reducing Evaporator suit for evaporation in the industry of pharmacy,food,chemical etc, also suit for alcohol recovery.the material of construction adopt stainless steel which touch the material, with best corrosive resistance feature, and meet the GMP standard.
2.Main Characteristic
1. In order to reduce material pollution,Vacuum Evaporator is made of Stainless steel when touch the material.
2. For improve the effect of steam-liquid separator,designed the air filter type filter layer on the top of concentrator.
3. For avoid secondary steam back to the concentrator when changed to condensate before the condenser, the condenser of our system designed with inclined horizontal type.
4. For increasing equipment production capacity,we enlarged the heating area of concentration tank and the condensate area,cooling area depending on different material.
5. Designed a quick-install hand hole, so that easy to clean the inner tank.