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Tubular Type Sterilizer

1. Introduction 

Widely used for kinds of dairy food,fruit juice, fruit jam,beverage,sugar syrup,soy,wine,vinegar,pharmacy fluid etc sterilization. This serial sterilizer included Tubular type sterilizer and Sleeve Type Sterilizer.
2. Working Principle
Sterilizer will achieve sterilizer itself by hot water circulation heating under high pressure.after than,system will reduce the temperature suit for production,and then enter into production stage.The product flow into material tank of sterilizer after pre-treatment,firstly pumped into tubular heat exchange unit for pre-heating, when reached sterilization temperature by heating,it will keep insulation in a certain time for required sterilization effect.then product need to process one 1st stage and 2nd stage cooling for ideal filling temperature. 1st stage cooling adopt hot recycle method, 2nd stage is cooled by cooling water.
3.Equipment construction and characteristic
System consist of material tank, tubular heat exchange, material pump, keeper,water storage tank,hot water pump ,hot water reactor,electric cabinet etc.
Ø  Making sure system is aseptic,material will automatic back to the pipeline when sterilization not completely
Ø  Aseptic valves and cooling pipeline connection flanges are adopt steam production.
Ø  Realizing mild heating due to small temperature difference between material and heating medium.
Ø  Control level and temperature in real time by using touch screen man-machine interface.
Ø  Adopt hot recycle technology, improve heat exchange efficient,energy saving.
Ø  System strongly safety,spare parts is stable and durable.
Ø  Adopt mirror welding technology,ensure pipeline connection smoothly, reduce the material residual.
Ø  Product designed with humanization with pressure production system and alarming system for steam,hot water and material.
Ø  Inner pipeline adopt advanced polish technology, it can clean by itself, automatic sterilization,make sure system is aseptic.
Ø  Heat exchange design with corrugated pipe that reducing scaling,improving the heat exchange efficient,increased working time because of fluid and heat medium are keeping turbulent situation working.
Ø  Tubular Pasteurization and yogurt sterilizer can be customized according to user
’s request. It suit for kinds of aseptic packing,for example:aseptic box packing, aseptic plastic film packing,aseptic bottle packing etc. Especially for liquid milk and beverage production.