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spherical concentrator

The equipment has the advantages of convenient operation and reliable use. The utility model has the advantages of no pollution to the production environment, small noise, etc. the utility model is widely applicable to the concentration and distillation process of liquid materials in the fields of pharmacy, food and chemical industry.
The spherical concentrator mainly by the concentration of the main tank, condenser, separator, the four barrels of liquid components.
It can be used for concentration, distillation and recovery of organic solvent in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. The concentration under reduced pressure the short time of concentration of effective components and prevent the destruction of heat sensitive materials. The equipment and material contact parts are made of stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance, durability, and meet the GMP standard.
2.structural features and methods of operation
Spherical concentrator equipment mainly concentrator, the first condenser, separator, condenser, cooler, second barrel six parts. Specifications series for 500L, 1000L, the concentrator is jacket structure for shell and tube condenser, separator, cooler is coil type for baffle. Vacuum distillation to reduce the pressure on the liquid surface, the liquid material boiling point decreased, because the liquid distillation is carried out at the boiling point of the fastest, so the degree of vacuum, according to the heat sensitive liquid, the discretion of the users adjust.
The use of spherical concentrator when open the vacuum port and inlet valve, the liquid is pumped into the tank, the tank liquid level reaches a certain height, close the inlet valve, and slowly open the steam inlet valve, the liquid in the tank boiling after a few minutes, keep the steam pressure and vacuum when (or by the program the temperature control, the normal boiling). The distillation liquid is passed through the separator, some of which are returned to the main tank. Some non condensable fluid into the feeding barrel through the condenser, are charged or discharged, concentrated after closed vacuum port, steam valve, open the vent (i.e. straight mouth plug valve) after discharge at atmospheric pressure.