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Mixing tank 

1, overview:
The deployment of tanks is a kind of important equipment to process food, medicine, biology, chemical industry, it is one or more kinds of materials (water soluble solid, liquid or gelatinous material) dissolved in a liquid phase, and the harmonic mixing is a new mixture of relatively stable. According to the different requirements of the process, the mixing tank can be divided into a conventional mixing allocation, a single layer mixing tank, a constant temperature mixing deployment, a double layer heat preserving mixing tank, a hot (cold) mixing deployment, namely a three layer heating (cooling) mixing tank.

2, equipment structure:
Mixing tank for vertical single / double / three with stirring structure, with paddle type, frame type or spiral agitator, standard oval or conical head, cone head, adjustable legs, the tank is atmospheric pressure design, 0.33MPa interlayer pressure design, interlayer equipment all adopt high quality stainless steel SUS304 or 316L insulation layer 50mm (polyurethane), the inner surface of mirror polishing, equipped with cleaning ball, manhole glass gauge, motor, explosion-proof lamp, mirror and other visual. The auxiliary material can be quickly mixed, dissolved and dissolved in the tank under the action of a stirrer.