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MVR evaporator

1. main principles:
Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) evaporator uses two steam generated in the evaporator, the compressor, pressure, temperature, enthalpy increase, and then sent to the heating chamber of the evaporator as heating steam, feed liquid to maintain the boiling state, and heating steam is condensed into water. In this way, the original steam abandoned has been fully utilized, the latent heat recovery, and improve the thermal efficiency and economy of steam is equivalent to 30 effect evaporation, reducing the external heating and cooling resource demand, reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution.

2. scope of application:
Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) evaporator, suitable for low temperature concentration in milk, glucose, organic acid, VC, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological engineering, environmental engineering, waste recycling, papermaking, salt and other industries. A material that is especially low in boiling point or material that is easy to evaporate.

3. The system composition:

The utility model is composed of a heater, a separator, a compressor, a vacuum pump, a circulating pump, an operating platform, an electric appliance, a meter, a control cabinet, a valve, a pipeline, etc. the structure is very simple.

4. Thermal flow chart of mechanical steam recompression heating evaporator
the main features:

1, MVR energy-saving evaporator technology is currently the most advanced technology of the evaporator, only need a very small amount of steam (start-up small steam, in normal operation, almost no need for steam), greatly reduces the enterprise operation cost, reduce the pollution of the environment.

2, due to the use of the compressor to provide heat sources, compared with the traditional evaporator, the temperature difference is much smaller, can achieve moderate evaporation, greatly improve product quality and reduce fouling.

3. Without the condenser or only a small area of condenser, the structure and process are very simple, fully automatic operation, continuous operation, safe and reliable.
4, equipped with CIP cleaning pipeline, can be achieved on-site cleaning, the whole set of equipment is easy to operate, no dead angle.

5, the evaporator is the material at low temperature (evaporation temperature 35 degrees -100 degrees Celsius), and no foam in the state of evaporation, uniform liquid, no running material, not easy to coke, material heating denaturation minimum.

6, the traditional multi effect evaporator using fresh steam as an energy source, such as the five effect evaporator 1 tons of water consumption of 0.23 tons of fresh steam; MVR mechanical compression evaporator the energy consumption of electricity, 1 tons of water evaporation power consumption of 15-27, the general elevation smaller material can reach below 20 tons of water consumption. Energy saving and the degree of local fresh steam price and price are closely related, such as steam price 180 yuan / ton, price 0.7 yuan per kilowatt and five evaporator evaporation ratio, per a ton of energy consumption savings of 0.23*180-20*0.7=27.4 yuan, such as evaporation is 100 tons, the annual operating time is 330 days, 24 hours a day, saving the energy cost is 27.4*100*24*330=21700800 yuan per year. The MVR evaporator saves more than 60% energy than the five effect evaporator.

7, MVR mechanical compression evaporator price is multi effect evaporator 2 times, up and down, for new projects, compare investment differences, investment, purchase MVR more investment, generally in 300 operating days can be recovered. For the energy saving transformation project of replacing the original multi effect evaporator with MVR mechanical compression evaporator, the transformation investment can be recovered within 500 working days.