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The saccharification system of beer is made up of saccharifying pan, gelatinized pot, filter tank, boiling pot, sedimentation tank and hops adding equipment.

Saccharification pot and pasting pan

1. Using the heat transfer technology of Maitreya plate clamp, the principle of steam turbulence is applied to realize the heat conduction and energy saving effect. At the same time, the full automatic temperature control technology is adopted to ensure the accuracy of the heating speed and the heat preservation time in the stages of saccharification and gelatinization.

2. Using the advanced international suspension speed regulation system, using frequency conversion and automatic control mixing to ensure the uniform mixing of mash in gelatinization and saccharification process, the biological activity and conversion and catalytic effect of various enzymes in the process of gelatinization and saccharification can be fully played, thus the quality and production rate of beer can be guaranteed at the source.

Filter groove

1, select the international advanced suspension, mixing equipment, with frequency conversion, speed control, automatic control technology, so that the operation is more convenient, flexible, simple maintenance and cost saving.

2. The advanced and scientific special-shaped ploughing system and hydraulic automatic lifting technology can ensure the smooth grooves, smooth out of the grooves, improve the filtration speed and production efficiency, and keep the good transparency and juice rate of the wort.

A system for the addition of hops

1, cans, valves, pipes and so on can be connected with the CIP system to realize automatic, semi-automatic, cleaning and disinfection.

2, hops adding system can be made up of two or more cans, with accessories such as pumps and pipes, valves, etc., and automatic control addition can be realized.

Precipitation trough

1, with the thermal coagulant storage tank, the yield of wort can be increased, and environmental pollution can also be reduced.

2. According to the design of the wheat grains deposited on the unit filter area, the ratio of the diameter and height of the tank is enlarged, the speed of the sedimentation is reduced, the settlement and coagulation of the coagulant are promoted, and the separation is realized.

Boiling pot

1. The mixing technique of extracorporeal circulation was adopted to accelerate the heating rate at the beginning of the boiling of wort, so that the temperature of the wort was always kept uniform and uniform during the heating process, so as to prevent the denaturation of the regional wort, which was brought by the local overheating, so that the boiling quality of the wort was ensured.

2. Using the advanced boiling and supercharging technology in the body to increase the boiling intensity, greatly increase the evaporation effect of two methyl sulphur, promote the polymerization of protein and other condensable substances, so that the boiling wheat juice and the polymer can be separated quickly.

Self brewed beer equipment - saccharification system - equipment features:

1, adhering to the simple and not simple design concept, guided by the German BTB engineer.

2. The equipment is simple, energy saving and intelligent.

3, all of the imported SUS304 materials, fully automatic laser cutting, laser welding, ensure the quality of the products, the saccharification system is equipped with various kinds of hops, the fermentation system is equipped with sampling, hops and liquid level testing and other advanced equipment. While meeting the conventional lager brewing technology, it can meet the current market IPA, P A, STOUT and so on all kinds of Eyre brewing technology!






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5000 L/day


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360 square

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100 KW

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9 cube/day

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