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Fermentation system list:


The common self-brewing equipment is 1000 liters, 1500 liters and 2000 liters of larger size into 5000 liters, which can be customized by ODM.


Self-brewing beer equipment -- designed with the current avant-garde design concept and technology, has been widely recognized in the market and widely used in craft beer houses, beer houses and bars at home and abroad.


 Fermentation system - salient features:

1. Adhering to the design concept of simple but not simple, German fermentation equipment designed under the guidance of BTB engineers in Germany;

2. All stainless steel pipes in contact with the material pipeline shall adopt hygienic ISO or DIN standards, and the inner and outer walls shall be polished to meet the hygienic standards of dairy products;

3, All adopt imported SUS304 material, full automatic laser cutting, laser welding, ensure the product quality, at the same time equipped with JMC - 1 type yeast concentration detector on wine to realize online monitoring, guarantee every moment the accuracy of the number of yeast cells detection; While meeting the conventional laggard brewing technology, it can also cater to the current popular IPA, PA, STOUT and other brewing technologies in the market!