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500L beer process line


Self-brewing beer equipment -- fermentation system -- equipment introduction:


Self-brewing beer equipment -- the fermentation system consists of fermentation tank, clear wine tank and temporary storage tank. Fermentation is an important process in beer production. It is a complex biochemical reaction process involving yeast. The fermentation tank is a cylindrical cone bottom, and the tank has its own cooling device, which can easily control the fermentation temperature. The bottom of the tank is tapered, so it is convenient to recycle the yeast and clean it. The tank body has a CIP cleaning system, which ensures hygiene in production. Equipped with advanced international fermentation engineering technology, can use PLC automatic temperature control technology.

1. Beauty control: the polishing finish of the inner wall is less than 0.6 micron, and the polishing treatment of external stainless steel, copper plating and other materials (it can be made into primary color, mirror polishing and other effects)

2. Control of the thermal insulation system: high pressure foaming insulation with polyurethane and tapered bottom. The cooling jacket adopts a variety of clamping and heat exchange methods such as maitreya, arch passage and corrugated passage.

3. Control of quality system: there are washing sterilization pipes, material pipes, refrigerant reflux pipes, and co2 pipes between each tank body. All stainless steel pipes in contact with the material pipeline adopt hygienic ISO or DIN standards, and the inner and outer walls are polished to meet the hygienic standards of dairy products.

4. Process control: the fermentation tank is equipped with an internationally advanced jmc-1 yeast concentration detector to realize online monitoring and ensure the accuracy of yeast cell number detection at every moment.