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Tips on What Evaporative Cooler to Install in Your Home or Office

Firstly, they cost about half as much to install and secondly they consume less energy. It is easy to see, with the two benefits above that using an evaporative cooler makes sense. These air cooling systems work by lowering the temperature of the air that goes through the wet pads, and leads to the evaporation of water. Evaporation, in turn, makes the air cooler.


There are different ways to install evaporative coolers at home or in the office. The installation type of your chosen evaporative air conditioner will depend on the style of the cooler, the size of the area where it will be located, and the climate in that area.


There are two main ways to install an evaporative cooling system or swamp cooler: ducted system and central location installation. An evaporative cooler can be connected to ductwork so that air can be directed to different areas or rooms. This ducted system is necessary for bigger homes or offices with multiple rooms and hallways. On the other hand, the central location installation suits smaller homes.


Experts recommend that you install horizontal coolers that are mounted on the ground because they are less likely to leak and are easier to maintain than down-flow evaporative coolers that are installed on the roofs of houses.


Small and portable evaporative air conditioners are also very popular and are widely available. These cooling systems are simply placed anywhere in a room and do not require any complicated set-up. However, the price you pay for having portability and convenience is a reduced cooling ability.