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What Beer Supplies You Need

Once you get familiar with the process you can begin to start tailoring your home brew supplies to your specific needs.


A starter kit most often comes with everything required to produce five gallons or so of beer, including the brew equipment. Some of the less expensive brew kits focus on two gallon containers and can be purchased for less than fifty dollars.


But, for just a hundred bucks you can purchase a much more complete kit to brew beer five or six gallons at a time. While a bit more expensive, these kits have all the required brew equipment including bottles, bottle caps, thermometer, airlock, tap, food grade plastic spoon for stirring, hydrometer, and the fermenter.


The fermenter is where the home beer brewing process starts. The fermenters job is to give the beer mix a place to live undisturbed while the yeasts do their job of turning the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The fermenter also keeps the outside air out so stray yeast and bacteria don't spoil the batch. This process can take some time depending on the recipe you have chosen.


After the fermentation process is complete, the next step is to move the beer to the bottling bucket to remove the sediment and, from there, into the bottles and capped. Once safely inside the bottles, your beer really should stand a bit more before you are able to enjoy it. Depending on your recipe there will different lengths of time on how long the batch needs. The instructions included will be very specific on how long the beer should stand but, generally speaking, the longer the better!


One word about the bottles themselves; they should preferably be brown and not clear or green. Brown offers your new home brew beer the best protection against ultra violet (UV) radiation.


I also recommend you invest in a how to guide to the whole process as well as a recipe book. Having access to step by step directions is very helpful while you brew your first batch or two. And even an expert home brewer could learn things to help improve their brews.